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Pierre studied archaeology in France (2005-2015), at the University of Burgundy (Dijon). During those years he participated in multiple research excavations, focusing on late Iron Age and Roman periods: Gallo-roman villa of Andilly-en-Bassigny, Roman military camp and civil settlement of Biesheim, oppidum of Boviolles and later roman town of Nasium, late roman coin forgery workshop of Martinvelle. Pierre recently finished his studies with a PhD on roman provincial coins from Sinope (Turkey), with Michel Amandry and Sabine Lefebvre as directors.

Pierre's professional archaeology record started in 2013 with a one-year contract within the archaeological service of Beziers (south of France). There he expanded his skills, worked on earlier periods, mostly during evaluations. He also participated in some excavations in urban context and medieval historic building recording. Pierre's career in England began with G.U.A.R.D. Archaeology, during the summer excavation of a Scottish rural farmstead at Kintore in 2014. Then he was hired by JMHS as a project assistant to help at the Littlemore Priory excavation and the EIA site of Drayton road, Abingdon. Since then, Pierre had the chance to participate to most of the ongoing projects, be trained as an archiving assistant, and get the chance to evolve as a Project Supervisor.

Pierre's main interest and skill lies in ancient coins: he had the opportunity to make an inventory of over 4000 Roman coins of the Barrois museum (France). Pierre also carries on working on Celtic and Roman coins from yearly excavations at Nasium (France).

"Les monnaies des fouilles du temple de Mazeroie, site de Nasium" in REDDE' (M.) dir., Aspects de la romanisation dans l'Est de la Gaule, Glux-en-Glenne : Bibracte, 2011
"Antoine le Pois (1525-1578), Discours sur les medailles et gravures antiques, principalement romaines", in 'art et le modele . Les chemins de la creation dans la Lorraine de la Renaissance, Barrois museum in Bar-le-Duc, 2013. Offered a coverage of Le Pois's work regarding coins in a recent exhibition catalogue.
Collaborator in Bonaventure (B.) & al., "Mutations urbaines a Boviolles/Nasium (Meuse, Lorraine) : l'apports des fouilles du Cul de Breuil", colloque AFEAF 2014.