Built Heritage Services include:

    • Conservation Area Appraisals and Assessments: identify and characterise areas of special architectural and historic interest.
    • Historic Building Assessments: is often required before planning permission to ensure that the historic character of a building is dealt with sympathetically if it is to be re-used or to ensure that a record is made before demolition.
    • Buildings at Risk Survey: these surveys characterise local distinctiveness to inform planning and land management policy and guidance.
    • Specialist Building Illustration

Heritage Management Services include:

    • Conducting Heritage Statements and Desk-Based Assessments: ¬†these are often required as first stages of a planning application. They systematically bring together all known heritage information to make an informed assessment to predict what may be encountered on a given site.
    • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments: these provide an informed assessment and rigorously assess the likely impacts of the project and are required for larger projects.
    • Drawing up Conservation Plans: setting out how to best manage heritage assets and assessing development proposals in their area.
    • Carrying out Strategic Surveys and Heritage Audits
    • Heritage Consultancy Services
    • Heritage Site and Project Management
    • Expert Witness for Public Inquiries:¬† we provide advocacy to support clients in Planning Applications and in Public Inquiries.

 Historic Landscape Services include:

    • Historic Landscape Assessment and Characterisation: They allow an integrated approach to understanding landscape sensitivity.
    • Monument Condition Surveys: provides an accurate topographic survey and reports on the actual condition of sites so that any change can be monitored.