JMHS provides a comprehensive service for post-excavation analysis of prehistoric to post-medieval finds assemblages of any size.

Areas of expertise

Our specialist staff members have expertise in the following areas:

  • Pottery
  • Clay tobacco pipes
  • Building material: tile
  • Worked flint and lithics
  • Human and animal bone
  • Small finds
  • Finds illustration and photography
We have also cultivated excellent links with a wide range of specialists and can arrange for your complete finds assemblage to be prepared for publication. We will design the project to suit your exact requirements, and can provide:
  • Spot-dating
  • Assessments
  • Archive reports
  • Statistical analysis
  • Full publication reports
  • Research and training
  • Museum cataloguing to MDA standards
We are experienced at handling projects of all sizes, from a handful of finds to assemblages from large-scale and complex excavations. We are experienced with dealing with material from a range of sites, from on-going excavations to back-log projects, and can edit and up-date existing reports.


Our facilities include:

  • Fully equipped finds processing facility
  • Excellent reference library
  • Drawing facilities


Our finds and archive storage facilities are housed in an external unit to our offices. These are dry, secure and environmentally controlled, though are not to museum standards.